Hairstyles, Hair Accessories, Hats

for COVET Fashion Game

Welcome to My Site!

This is a personal site, simply because I love playing Covet Fashion app game.
I couldn't find a lot of organized information on Hairstyles, Hairpieces and Hats for this game,
so decided to have fun and create one myself. Scroll down for some Game TIPS.

All About HAIR


Hairstyles are an important part of any lifestyle and fashion statement. They come in different lengths, colors and styles. Each game level gives you 4 new Hairstyles.

HAIR Accessories

Some hairstyles in the game have additional hair accessories which can be applied to them. The accessories vary: crowns, wedding veils, bows, head wraps, etc. Hair Accessories can be either purchased with real money or won (during Fashion House Rallies or major events).


Hats are a wonderful accessory, which at times can be used instead of Hair Accessory. Some hats don't look like classic hats - small wedding veils, flowers, masks, crowns, halos, etc.


  • FASHION HOUSE. Join Fashion House. 1) Obviously it's fun to communicate, get advice. 2) You can borrow once a day any item from any Fashion House member. 3) The main reason to join FH is to get awesome prizes by joining Fashion Rallies. The best prize in Fashion Rally is Hair Accessories, but getting some expensive Jewelry and Bag is also great.

  • RUNWAY RALLY. You are able to participate in a Runway Rally only if you are a member of a Fashion House. Make sure that you are able to participate in the Rally (toggle off/on). Rallies do take time and gaming money/diamonds and some people spend real money as well. For those who don't have time and/or want to save by playing only dailies, play in every other rally - in this case you will still be getting Fashion House prizes, but without participation. Don't forget to toggle off/on every time you want to be off rally or play in the rally.

  • FACEBOOK. Use Facebook in 2 ways.
    1st is to follow trends, get ideas, join groups, communicate. Here are some groups to join - some are very strict and mostly for trends and some are more fun for advice and conversation: Covet Fashion Angels (CFA) - Inspiration Group, COVET FASHION - Add Me And More, Covet Fashion Addicts, Covet Fashion Friends. Obviously follow the main Covet Fashion official page.
    2nd way to use Facebook is to link your game to Facebook account. You can use your personal, but most use gaming accounts, as you get swamped with 100s of gaming friends and gaming information. This is mostly to be able to borrow anything you need to borrow. For every challenge you can borrow only 1 item, but with Facebook borrowing there is no limit on how many challenges you can borrow for, unlike with borrowing through your Fashion House.

  • EXPENSIVE IN-SEASON JEWELRY. Save money/diamonds to get very expensive Bracelet / Necklace / Ring / Earrings. The more expensive, the better. Possibly neutral in look, so they fit any style (especially for earrings/necklace). The idea behind this is, so you max out score if you use OOS (Out Of Season) clothing / shoes / accessories and still get high Season score. Get those 4 pieces of jewelry every new season, so you are prepared to max out your in-season score.

  • EARNING DIAMONDS. Diamonds are an important currency in the game, but you don't have to spend real money to get them OR spend very little with few tricks.
    1) Watch videos and earn 10 diamonds per video. 2) Complete offers, especially during Double Diamond days - where twice more is paid for you to complete certain offers. Some offers are as simple as Download game and Run it. Sometimes you need to reach a certain level at the game, which is manageable (example, I've earned 2,000-3,000 diamonds in 1 hour by reaching the needed game level). 3) A cool tip for games. Some games pay different diamonds for reaching different levels (or even for game purchase if you ok with spending money). So, to get ALL the diamonds for the game, click on offer, download game, but don't open. Then go back to Covet and click on ALL other offers for the same game. Now you can open the game. You will get diamonds after reaching each goal (example: reach level 5, reach level 10, reach level 15). 4) Jet Set Challenges is another great way to earn extra 500 Diamonds each time you reach certain point level.

  • SPENDING REAL MONEY. Obviously many players don't spend any real money while playing a game. I don't do that either on 99% of the games I've played. But then there are few games which you truly love and have fun. Whenever you spend money on the game, think of it as getting something fun for yourself. Like cup of coffee, or manicure, etc. But just in case, if you still want the best possible deal, here are some suggestions. Definitely try to complete these offers during 2x Diamond deals - when twice more diamonds are paid for the completed offer.
    1) Specific to this game, Hair Accessories are something many people would spend real money on. I highly recommend getting them when they are On Sale. USA regular price is $8.99, but when on sale, you can get them for $4.99.
    2) I also liked the idea of participating in couple offers, where by spend very little, you can get a lot of diamonds. If you ok with spending a little money, here are some interesting offers, I've participated in. ☼ In Shaving Club, you need to spend $5 and you get 13,000+ diamonds. You are placed on auto-delivery, but you can cancel it at anytime without extra charges. $5 in purchase-diamonds option gives you only 1,575 diamonds. ☼ In Ibotta, you need to download app, register and scan receipt with eligible item. As example, a probiotic drink costing under $1 was eligible and enough to get the offer completed. You have 16,000+ diamonds for under $1 in 20 minutes. ☼ With Instacart it was over 40,000 Diamonds and you get to order Grocery Food for Home Delivery. The best part was using extra $10 off coupon, so I delivered Grocery I needed anyway to my home for a good price. ☼ Also if you see something you would buy anyway, it make sense to earn extra diamonds by buying through this game.

  • STYLING SPREE. Each week Covet does a Styling Spree Week, where you need to enter any 28 Challenges to win a great prize. Usually it's an expensive bag or jewelry. Great items to boost your closet and to boost your in-season score.

  • HIGH SCORE LOOK. The high score for the look is great for few reasons. Of course you simply love getting high scores and to know that you have a great taste. But the best part of the high score is to get awesome prizes.
    You get a closet piece for achieving 4.0 score, which overall easy. You get 25 diamonds for achieving 4.5 score. Another closet piece is given for reaching 5.0 score. For reaching 5.7+ you get Best Look in Level and 500 Diamonds. With a highest possible 5.8 score, you get Perfect Score award and 5,000 diamonds.
    In order for you to achieve best possible look: 1) have fun 2) follow trends 3) pick appropriate hair and makeup 4) stay in season or use jewelry to boost out of season pieces. 5) max your unworn bonus 6) pick the challenges you want to invest on, as you probably won't be able to afford to do every single challenge